Monday, April 8, 2013

Portal Gun

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So at the beginning of vacation, I decided to build a Portal Gun based on the game Portal 2. I played Portal & Portal 2 a few weeks ago and became completely obsessed with it!

Let's get started:
I wanted to keep it pretty cheap, so I chose cheap materials like cardboard.
I got a cardboard tube that you would normally keep posters in, and cut it into the shape of the barrel parts.
The clear tube is constructed out of a clear tube that held tennis balls.
Only the claws seemed a bit more difficult, until I found a cardboard template here:
                             here are some photos of the project

                       (the blueprints are NOT mine, they were made by VOLPIN PROPS)

 The front lens (that can be seen at the left of the last picture) is made out of cardboard
wrapped around a small cardboard tube, but I exchanged it with a better version later.
 The new lens is made out of the same habitat tube as the main barrel.
                                New lens :

After spray painting the barrel looked something like this:

Now the lighting comes next.I decided not to use a LED circuit and stay simple by using a cheap LED flashlight and a blue transparency. The inner tube was simply made out of a rolled up piece of printer paper.

    The next step were the white shells. I made them out of cardboard that are kept stable with ALOT of hot glue.

These were paper mach-ed to give them a smooth finish

                                            Parts are now spray painted and almost done!

                                                Keep tuned to see the final results!